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Towing Service in Santa Ana

Are you in urgent need of towing service in Santa Ana? Knight Towing is an experienced and reputable towing company, which strives to provide the best and the fastest towing service for various automotive issues in Santa Ana, California. Our towing service in Santa Ana is always prepared to deal with any kind of vehicular issues you might face on the road. Our tow truck drivers are reliable and trustworthy and will reach to help you even on holidays, weekends, and late night hours while you are stranded on the road. Knight Towing offers a wide range of towing services in Santa Ana, CA.  

Emergency Towing

We are always ready with our state-of-the-art tow trucks to provide emergency roadside assistance in Santa Ana. You can download our free Knight Towing app from Apple App Store or Google Play and place your service request to get back on the road quickly. Once your request is placed you can easily track your designated tow trucks’ route in real-time. We provide 24*7 emergency towing service anywhere in Santa Ana.  

Medium Duty Towing

We provide medium-size tow trucks to handle a diverse variety of distinct sized vehicles, such as food trucks, box-trucks, semi-trucks, buses, tractor trailers, and also other tow trucks. With Knight Towing, you will enjoy hassle-free and professional roadside assistance in Santa Ana.  

Motorcycle Towing

Knight Towing also provides motorcycle towing in Santa Ana. Despite being lightweight compared to four-wheelers, towing a motorcycle safely without damages and scratches require special training and equipment, both of which can be found in abundance in our tow truck drivers and our towing truck fleet.  

Exotic Car Towing

Your exotic vehicles are close to your heart and Knight Towing understands that completely. You exotic cars are absolutely safe in the hands of our professional towing experts in Santa Ana, who will ensure that your car safely reaches back to you, without any kind of damage. Our 24/7 towing service in Santa Ana is dedicated to providing multifarious services, such as wheel lift towing, rescuing vehicles stuck in a ditch, accident assistance, helping open locked out vehicles, jump-starting a dead battery, fuel delivery, and many more. Knight Towing’s affordable towing service in Santa Ana has no hidden costs and presents all prices with full transparency. Keep aside your worries and leave your vehicle’s towing service in our hands.


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