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Knight towing is a professional and authentic mobile tire change service provider serving its customers for more than 15 years. We are a fully licensed and insured tire service provider, always committed to giving the best of our services to our customers. Knight Towing’s well-trained and professional tow truck operators are skilled to tow your vehicle safely to the nearest car mechanic shop in case of any tire issues.

To avail our exceptional mobile tire change service in Anaheim, California, you can download our free Knight Towing app and get going. Be assured that you will not be charged with any extra fees as there are no hidden fees or middle-men costs.

Knight Towing takes care of all your immediate tire service requirements like tire puncture repairs, roadside tire replacements, spare tire installation, and towing your automobile to the nearby car repair center for other severe issues. 

Our skilled mechanics are qualified to offer roadside service in Anaheim, CA. Big commercial trucks are prone to frequent tire punctures. If more than one tire is flat, then the truck is at risk of an accident. Our roadside service operators can efficiently manage flat tires. We also have medium-sized tow trucks in our fleet, ready to undertake the towing of varied kinds of vehicles, like food-trucks, box-trucks, semi-trucks, and other tow trucks.


Emergency Roadside Tire change Service by Knight Towing in Anaheim, CA

Emergency tire damages can happen at any time. You may find yourself stuck on the side of the road due to a sudden tire puncture, blowout, or leaking tire issue, even when you least expect it. 

Knight Towing’s 24 hour tire repair in Anaheim, CA is always at your service. Our certified mobile tire repair technicians will get you back on the road quickly and save your day. They carry all the necessary equipment to perform quickly and efficiently any roadside tire change that your vehicle requires.

So, contact us to get your warranty approved and professional service done to the manufacturer’s specifications, in a matter of minutes.


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