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Towing Service in Westminster, CA

There are numerous situations where something can go wrong with your vehicle, unexpectedly. It becomes very tiresome and annoying to deal with these situations single-handedly, in the middle of the road. Just keep aside your worries and leave them to Knight Towning, a 24/7 towing service in Westminster, CA.   Having vast experience of over 15 years in the towing community, Knight Towing offers fast and professional towing service in Orange County, California. We work round the clock to solve automobile issues and help drivers in distress get back on the road as soon as possible. Our quality tow trucks can transfers your faulty vehicle to the nearby car repairing station quickly. Just call or place a service request and enjoy a fast and professional towing service in Westminster, California, United States.   Avail our service by downloading our free Knight Towing app from the Google Play or Apple iTunes Store. After placing the request you can track our tow trucks in Westminster, California in real time. Our affordable towing service provides a rapid towing service with no hidden fees or middle man costs.  

Types of Towing Services in Westminster, CA

Wheel Lift Towing Service

Have you lost your car keys and need a towing service? Contact Knight Towing service in Westminster, CA for affordable wheel lift towing service.  

Motorcycle Towing Service

Knight Towing operators use a safer and easier method of towing your motorcycle. Your two-wheeler is driven onto the truck bed where the trailer drops down to the ground level, eliminating the need of using an inclined platform for loading. Keeping in mind that motorcycle towing is quite different from regular towing and our experienced professionals take optimum care of your two-wheeler to prevent any damage.  

Medium Duty Towing

Knight Towing service in Westminster, CA has state-of-the art tow trucks that can pull vehicles of varied sizes like food trucks, box-trucks, semi-trucks, tractors trailers, and buses efficiently.   A towing service provider of good repute, Knight Towing offers multiple services for roadside assistance. So, feel free to call us from any location and at any time to get the best possible towing service in Westminster, California.


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