• Is towing rough for my car?
    • No, not at all. It’s rather the opposite. As a car is lifted by the tires, it rides upon your own suspension. Moreover, the suspension of the tow truck absorbs most bumps.

  • Have your tow truck drivers undergone any special training?
    • Yes. In the beginning, our drivers are provided with several days of an intensive specialized training. Then, they work on the job under the supervision of an experienced driver until they are equipped with adequate skills to perform each aspect of the job competently. Our drivers are then tested for their skills. They also need to attend training refresher courses annually to learn new techniques and brush-up their skills.

  • Do you tow motorcycles?
    • Yes, our professionals have the necessary skills and experience to tow motorcycles. We carry with us all the necessary equipment for towing motorcycles without any damage.

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