Car in a Ditch

What To Do If Your Car Gets Stuck in a Ditch?

No driver would want his car to get stuck in a ditch. But as it can happen to anyone and at any time, it is crucial that the driver is well-informed about the actionable steps that can help him get out of the troublesome situation.

If you find your car stuck in a ditch, then it may have happened due to several reasons. Driving on a road that has potholes, water accumulated due to floods, defense driving, and driving in an intoxicated state are some of the possible causes behind it.

The driver needs to be cautious in this situation, as many potential risks may be involved. The methods and tactics used for pulling a car out of a ditch should be selected according to the type of situation that one is in. To ensure that you are always prepared to deal with these situations, read ahead.

Getting stuck due to human error

As told at the beginning, the reasons why your car was stuck in a ditch can be varied. Apart from human error, inclement weather may also be a reason behind it. If the car gets stuck in a ditch due to human error, like distracted driving, defensive driving, intoxicated driving, and others, then the driver needs to act wisely.

If the car got stuck due to drunk driving, then it is best that the driver doesn’t take charge of the wheels again, and call someone for assistance. If the situation is not favorable, and due to defensive or distracted driving, minor injuries occurred, then the driver along with the other people sitting in the car should call for immediate help. In case of bad weather, do call the roadside assistance service for a quick rescue.

Here are some other actionable steps that the driver should take to improve the situation.

Ensure Everyone’s Safety

When the car gets stuck in a ditch, instead of making efforts to pull the car out of ditch, the driver should first ensure people’s safety. Do check whether everyone in the car is fine. Exercising safety norms should be the first and foremost responsibility of the driver. Once it is done, start assessing the situation by turning on the hazard lights.

It is done to signal to other drivers that they should steer clear so that the chances of other road accidents can be diminished. If your car is stuck on a trail that has loose soils, wet mud, snow, and other such elements, then be sure to put on your parking brake. In case, the car got stuck in a dangerous position, the driver should immediately call the emergency services for help.

Adjust The Car’s Weight

Pulling a car out of ditch that is somewhat flat is not that difficult. If your car got stuck on a road that has ongoing traffic, then make sure you check for oncoming vehicles before attempting to get your car out in order to ensure safety. Moreover, if you have put on the parking brake, then make sure you undo it.

If the vehicle still fails to come out of the ditch after multiple attempts, then alter the car’s weight. If the car is carrying something heavy, then take it out of the car for some time. Lightweight vehicles are easy to maneuver; hence your chances of success may significantly increase.

Try to Gain Traction

If the car got stuck in dense snow or wet mud, then try to increase the weight inside the vehicle for gaining better traction. You will require traction to gather the required force to get out of the ditch. Pouring sand around the tires might be a wise option. You can also use kitty litters, flattened cardboard boxes, the car’s floor mat, and other similar items instead of sand.

If you don’t want to use your car’s floor mat, then try to search for a gas station or a convenience store nearby. You can place any of the aforementioned items behind the rear tires, if your car is a rear wheel drive. You can put the items ahead of the front tires if your car is a front wheel drive.

Call a Towing Company

Calling for professional assistance is one of the most common and effective ways to get the car stuck in a ditch out of it. If you don’t want to spend money on professional towing services, then use the tips shared above. However, if you fail to pull the car out of the ditch with the above-mentioned tactics, then calling the towing company will be the only option left.

If you are unaware of any towing services nearby, then you can call your car insurance provider, and take the contact details of a suitable towing company from them. Almost all the car insurance providers keep a contact list of reputable towing companies, so you can reach out to them for assistance.

In Conclusion

All the tips mentioned above are sure to help you. But it should be noted that having a calm and organized approach will be best. Never attempt any of the shared tips while you’re in a panicked state, as it won’t help in such a situation. When the car gets stuck, first ensure that everyone is safe, and wait for a few minutes. Calm down and compose yourself before trying any of the tips to get the car out of the ditch. A calm and composed mind will help you the most in pulling the car out of the ditch.

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