Choosing a Towing Agency

7 Safety Tips While Choosing a Towing Agency In California

A towing service can be a matter of great help when your vehicle has suddenly broken down or has met with an accident. But there are some towing agencies that follow illegal towing practices in California to gain huge amounts of money from vehicle owners. A lot of people have reported such cases where the towing firm has charged them an excessive towing fees in exchange for their towing services. If you are a vehicle owner, then it is your responsibility to be aware of such malpractices and to exercise some precautionary measures to avoid such incidents.

Here is a list of the most effective tips on how to outsmart towing company to avoid unlawful towing practices.

1. Don’t Accept Unsolicited Help from a Towing Service

Usually, the towing service comes to help when you or someone close to you has called them and asked for assistance. If you ever come across a towing service that comes out of nowhere and asks for your insurance details and other personal information, then don’t give away such details immediately. Sudden help in an emergency situation may lure you to utilize it, but try to learn more about the towing service provider before allowing them to tow your vehicle. You can ask as many questions as you want until you are sure of the legitimacy of the business and the quality of the services offered.

2. Call Your Insurance Agent For Help

In most cities, the towing service is called by the police, so you need not worry in that case. If the police fail to call the towing agency for help, then the best way to seek assistance is by calling your insurance agent. The agents have a good network and can refer you to the best and most reliable towing service provider in the area. Since the service provider has been recommended by your insurance agent, you can rely on their services completely.

Car Insurance agent


3. Never Share Your Insurance Details

Always remember that a genuine towing agency will never ask for your insurance details. If the towing personnel ask for your insurance details, then it should tell you that it is a predatory towing company. Your insurer already knows every detail relating to your insurance policy, so there is no need of the towing personnel to ask you the same. A lot of people have been trapped into this scam, as they ended up sharing all their confidential insurance details with the unethical towing companies in California, USA.

4. Get Everything Documented

Before you proceed with using the towing services, make sure you have everything in writing. This is one thing that the unscrupulous service providers always fear but the genuine ones won’t mind putting everything down in writing. When you decide to get the service contract in writing, the terms of service and payment become legally enforceable. You can always stay safe by getting the terms and conditions written before you allow a person to tow your vehicle. This will save you from unnecessary hassles at a later stage.


5. Know the Towing Destination

Always insist on knowing the final towing destination, as the amount of towing fees charged will be in accordance with the total number of miles towed. To make unethical gains from you, some towing agencies may take your vehicle to a repair shop of their choice, where you will be charged an unnecessarily high amount for the vehicular repair. Your insurance policy allows you to take your car at any repair shop you want unless your car manufacturer or insurance clause specifically recommends a particular repair business. If the towing service provider refuses to disclose the destination point, then you should not avail his services.

Towing Destination

6. Call the Police for Safety

Some cases have been reported where the tow-man refused to leave and forcefully towed the vehicle against the wishes of the owner. If you get the slightest of hint that the agency is not genuine, just ask them to leave. If he still insists on towing your vehicle and refuses to leave, then you should immediately call the police. Precaution is always better for safety and long term well-being.

Police for Safety

7. Take Collision Coverage

The collision coverage is an insurance policy that covers all the expenses related to repairs, towing, and storage even if you were found guilty of having caused the accident. By buying higher collision coverage, you can easily drive your expensive car without the fear of ending up with huge repair or towing expenses, in case of an accident.

Collision Coverage


You can always follow any additional safety tips that you deem fit, but make sure that you take note of all the above-mentioned tips for your own benefit. With vehicle towing scams becoming more common in recent times, it is your responsibility to take the necessary precautionary measures. Finding the perfect insurance policy for your vehicle is also a good option to choose as most car insurance policies cover the towing and related expenses. If you ever get stuck with your vehicle on a highway, then instead of hurrying and ending up with the unlawful towing in California, keep calm and follow the above-mentioned tips before handing your car over to any agency. Your patience will surely keep you safe from towing scams and other fraudulent practices.

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