How to Get A Car Stuck in Sand Out?

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How to Get A Car Stuck in Sand Out?

Car Stuck in Sand

No one likes to get in unnecessary trouble; especially when one is driving on the road. Sand, mud, debris, and other kinds of trails often create difficulties for the drivers. No matter how many years of experience the person has in driving a vehicle, there always remains a chance of the car getting stuck on a sandy road. With the summer season approaching, people will be flocking to the beautiful beaches or will plan adventurous excursions. Roads leading to beaches or desserts often have too much sand that is enough to get your car stuck in the sand.

Knowing how to tackle this situation can prove to be highly beneficial. Let’s take a quick look at the practical ways that are sure to get your stuck car out of the sand dune.


When the tires of your car get stuck into the sand, then it becomes necessary that you remove the accumulated sand around the tires. Trying to speed up in such a situation will make things worse and the tires may sink even deeper into the sand. A car stuck in a dessert can only be taken out if you dig out the sand around the tire areas.

When following this step, keep in mind that you are digging around the tire areas with the intent to create a gradient. It will become difficult to move the car without a gradient. A shovel will be your best companion in such a situation, as it will make things easier and faster. If you don’t have a shovel, then a takeout cup can also serve the purpose.

Carpet or Cardboard

Once you remove the accumulated sand in the tire areas, you should focus next on creating traction. Cardboard or a carpet will be perfect for this purpose. All cars have carpets, so that can be used to create traction for the tires. To move the car stuck in the sand, simply take the carpet and wedge it securely beneath the tire.

If you don’t want to use the car’s carpet for this purpose, then make sure you always carry cardboard in your vehicle. The cardboard tends to serve the same purpose as that of the carpet in this case. In case of emergencies, where the driver is neither having the carpet, nor the cardboard, some sticks can be gathered from around the surrounding area to create a gradient and provide traction to the vehicle.

Tow Straps

Having a tow strap in your car can save you from a number of unpleasant situations. One of the best and useful ways to get the car stuck in a dessert out of the sand is by using the tow strap. An ideal scenario will be one where you can pull your vehicle using the tow strap by attaching it onto a nearby vehicle. If there are no vehicles around, then ask the accompanying passengers to help. You can accelerate when they are pulling the car using the tow strap.

Many drivers have found it useful to use tow straps, as it has helped them immensely. But make sure, the tow strap doesn’t have any hooks. The hooks attached to the tow strap can break easily while pulling, so avoid such straps. If you find any vehicle and manage to strap your car to it, then attach the tow strap directly to the frame and not the bumper, else the bumper may rip off while you accelerate.

Accelerate Harder

If all the relevant steps have been taken, then the only step remaining is to accelerate harder. Slow acceleration can reduce the traction effect, making it difficult to take out the car stuck in the sand. You can also pump gas to get the car tires up, but steady acceleration will still give better results.

In Conclusion

Dig sand around the tire areas, create traction, use a tow strap, and accelerate harder. These steps are sure to get your car stuck in a desert out. However, even after trying all these steps, if you still fail to take the car out of the sand, then taking professional help will be the only option left. You can call a professional and reliable towing service provider, and ask them to provide assistance at the earliest. If you don’t find the towing service provider, then you can also call your car insurance provider. They usually have details of towing professionals, so they can connect you with the nearest professional towing service providers.

To ensure a safe journey, a driver should always keep some items in the car. A shovel, spare tires, traction mats, rope, tire pressure gauge, couple gallons of water, and tow straps are a few of them. The equipment can come handy during situations of emergency, and if used correctly, can help your vehicle come out of the sand.

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Mindy Jollie
4 years ago

Thank you for these tips on how to get a car out of sand. My friend lives in the desert and there’s a lot of sand by the freeways. She’ll have to make sure she has a towing service saved in her phone in case something like that ever happens to her.

4 years ago

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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