Golden Road Rules

Golden Road Rules

Roadside Emergency Towing Service in Traffic

More than once we were guilty or seen other people making poor driving decisions because they either don’t know the law, or choose to disregard it, with sometimes tragic consequences. Being a responsible driver means not only being fully aware of all traffic rules and regulations, but respecting them as well. Being able to make sound split-second decisions may just save your life.

Poor Decisions as a Result of Disregarding Law

As a driver, you have to regularly judge speed, distance and potential actions of other drivers. You also need to make decisions regarding traffic laws, and know what to do even at uncontrolled intersections. Traffic laws help to prevent collisions by regulating the speed, direction, and flow of traffic and pedestrians. If you deliberately disregard these laws, you endanger the safety of yourself and others, and are guilty of breaking the law.

Examples of deliberately disregarding traffic laws include:

Speeding and racing.
Reckless driving/weaving in and out of lanes.
Failure to yield to emergency vehicles or other vehicles.
Running red lights and STOP signs.
Failure to stop at controlled railroad crossing with flashing lights.
Failure to stop for a school bus.
Poor Decisions as a Result of Not Knowing Law

Sometimes, drivers make mistakes unintentionally, simply because they don’t know the law. Even if a driver is unaware of a particular traffic law, he can still be cited for disobeying one. Anyone operating a motor vehicle is expected to know and follow all traffic laws and regulations. Some laws, such as those regarding speed limits and running red lights are obvious—but there are other traffic situations that may be confusing to some drivers, and may be unsafe if you find yourself in them.

Passing or changing lanes at intersections (Legal, but not recommended).
Failure to yield the right of way at intersections, to merging traffic, or pedestrians.
Making U-turns where a sign prohibits them.
Intentionally increasing your speed when someone is trying to pass you.
Driving the wrong way (misinterpreting regulation signs).
Failure to come to a full, complete stop on a red light or STOP sign.

As you can see these are basic golden rules than can make your driving experience much safer and pleasant. Remember to yield not to yell!

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