Knights to the Rescue!

Knights to the Rescue!

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As you know everyday is an opportunity to  do better than the day before. Experience translates into knowledge and one become wiser after different experiences. Is natural trying to avoid making the same mistakes and playing safe is common. Teenagers don’t think the same. They are bold, daring and fearless. Kids don’t think of the consequences and as everybody else  need to learn from experience.

If you have a newly teen driving at home please consider the following golden rules that can save lots of headaches and probably their lives:

1. Do not drink and drive (ever!)

2. Plan your trip, check tires, gas and oil

3. Have your driver’s license, registration and insurance handy

4. Use your common sense when behind the wheel. Think fast and act quick. Reflexes can save your life!

5. Check out your mirrors at all times and double check your blind spots before changing lanes.

6. In case of an emergency call 911 or your preferred road assistance service

7. Remain calm and avoid confrontations

8. Follow the traffic rules and do not speed!

9. Loud music could be a distraction, lower the volume and stay alert for fire trucks, police cars or ambulances in dispatch.

10. Be corteous at all times and yield the right to pass to others.

If you ever need road assistance please consider Knight Towing Service. Download our app or call (714) 667-0373. Like Us on Facebook and receive 10% off in your first service!

Remember that your loved ones are waiting for you back at home. Enjoy the ride and stay safe!

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