Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Roadside Assistance Service an act of Kindness

As every Monday morning we are use to see people in a rush stepping on the gas running for their different destinations in some kind of trance but we couldn’t help noticing a noble act of kindness from a random woman trying to help an old man on a wheelchair. She jumped out of her car and while all drivers were impatiently honking she kept pushing the poor man to the other side of the street.

Where’s our humanity and heart for compassion? As she went back to her car and rushed off into the traffic a notorious bumper sticker would read “ Random Acts of Kindness Club” how many have you performed today? Have you try to be nice?

We always do our best. Regardless of the situation Knight Towing is always there to help out! Need Road Assistance? We come to the rescue 24/7!

Knight Towing Service is your true Knight in Shinning Armor” Download Our App today or Call (714) 667-0373

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