Road Courtesy

Road Courtesy

Roadside Emergency during Traffic

Have you ever cut anyone on the road? Have somebody ever cut into you? You know how frustrating that can be so let’s try to treat others as we would like to be treated right?

Here are some basic tips to help you maintain that level of courtesy necessary to drive safely and not infuriate other drivers:

Stay off your cell phone unless it is an emergency. Nothing can cause instant anger to those around you like driving 40 MPH in the fast lane of the freeway because you are unaware of your speed, or lack there of, due to your cell phone conversation. Pull over and make that call in a safe and legal manner!
If you like to drive at a slow pace, move into the right lane or pull into a turn-out if available. There are laws governing slow moving vehicles, but you should also think of the frustration this causes other drivers. The maximum speed on a highway you’re traveling on may be 55 mph, but if there is more than one lane, just move to one of the right-most lanes. Be considered to other motorists!

Try an alternate route. Driving the same mundane route to your place of work day-in and day-out can be mentally taxing and other drivers will notice your frustration because it will be displayed by your driving habits. Try something different. A little variety can’t hurt.
Keep the kids happy. If you drive your kids to school or carpool with other children, make sure you have plenty of items or toys to keep them occupied. Handheld devices or playing a movie can also help tons!

It’s better to be late than unsafe. The consequences at work will definitely not outweigh the consequences of a collision due to your speeding and weaving through lanes or running a red light to get to work on time.
Avoid following other drivers too closely, or tailgating. People it’s not worth it. It is always better a minute late than a minute of silence!

Don’t weave in and out of traffic lanes.
Always use your turn signal when changing lanes or making turns.

Courtesy isn’t just for when you’re driving—it can also apply when you are parking your car. You should never:

Park in a space reserved for disabled drivers.
Take up two parking spaces.
Park in a fire lane.
Block a crosswalk, driveway, or emergency entrance.

Road courtesy can positively impact your driving experience and others by yielding and not yelling. Stay safe and enjoy your drive!

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